Outreach Ministry 

(Highway & Hedges and Coat of Many Colors )

Designed to help people within the community find Jobs, Shelter, Assistance, Food, and More

Contact us and inquire about our dates and current services involving outreach ministry.  

Prison Ministry 

(Victory Walk Prison Ministry)

**C.C. = Correctional Center

Galesburg C.C.

East Moline C.C.

Decatour C.C

Pontiac C.C

Logan C.C

Lincoln C.C

Warrenville Youth Center

Juvenile Center (Roosevelt & Hamilton)

Looking for Individuals both men and women who want and are willing to join our prison ministry team. Contact us at 773.997.6575 to learn More information and about the upcoming schedule

How do You become a Volunteer?

Well that's easy! Have you ever wanted to give back? Find something higher than yourself? Give to people and a​llow God to use you in a way you never imagined? Well Volunteering is the perfect start. God favors those who take care of kingdom people and those in need. As Christians we are to work in love and part of that love is helping enhance and edify every man and woman's soul that belongs to God. All you have to do is have an open mind, open heart, a willingness to work & serve, and show up. Contact us today at 773.997.6575

What Volunteer Programs/ opportunities are available? 

Right now at the Breath of Life Christian Center we have volunteer opportunities in Outreach Ministry as well as Prison and Men's Ministry. We also have areas about to open at the *Blue Island Recreational Center working with all age groups (varying from Children to Seniors). Also when you become a volunteer you will get to experience the gift of giving back- we go out to feed & clothe the Homeless; help put together and host our annual Food and Clothes Drive and join our Outreach Ministry Highway to Hedges.

* Currently The Blue Island Recreational Center project is in construction and will come later in the year, however you can still sign up to be a volunteer when the center opens. Thank You :)

Become a Volunteer!!!